2 comments on “PPV Tale of the Tape: WWE Extreme? Then TNA’s Lockdown is Deadly

  1. Good article, but both main events sucked in my opinion. Jack Swagger is not as good as A.J. Styles, a better heel maybe but not a better wrestler or entertainer..not yet anyway. Womens wrestling is just shitty right now, on both ends (lets just look forward to Kong vs Del Rey). Anderson may have been released prematurely(though I was never a big fan-I think MVP deserved the push he got) but Angle asked to be let go. We were looking at a situation where he was about to follow in Eddie Guerrero’s footsteps so you can’t blame Vince for worrying about his health enough to release him. The only match on Extreme Rules that came close to being as good as Angle-Anderson was my man C.M. Punk vs Rey Mysterio. Problem is those two match are the only ones worth watching on either event for.

  2. Interesting that you mention the Punk-Mysterio match. I liked it as well, all the way up to the mysterious hooded guy showing up. Whether it was insurance, or the coward’s way out, C.M. Punk covered all his bases from getting that special hair cut.

    A.J. is definitely the more experienced and charismatic against Swagger. Styles is also flashier in offense, but Swagger had to prove himself a champion, and he’s done thus far with a horde of opponents in Edge, Chris Jericho, Undertaker, John Morrison, and Randy Orton. Styles’ gimmick is costing his credibility as a champion, hence why he would later lose on the following night to RVD. Win or Lose, Swagger keeps fighting. AJ use to be like that and he lost that part of him.

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