2 comments on “Sting: The True Hero of TNA

  1. Well written and true. After 10/10/10 it’s all out now. People at first didn’t wana boo sting. He is the ultimate babyface and no matter how hard they tried the heel turn was not a complete success even while making hogan look like some god of wrestling. Hogans name is all he has. Real wrestling fans wuld appreciate stings career and him as a person way more than hogan. Hogan did great things in wrestling but ultimately sold out to rake up money. He has never and I mean NEVER been the quality performer sting was. And mic skills are fairly even but sting has the better mic skills. I disgust hogan. He is bad for tna. Even though he is heel now and hopefully fans perceive him as that and sting the head man in charge of ridding tna of hogan and bischoff. Sting always knew the younger talent neede to b put over. And hogan has completely revoked that thought. He’ll ev2 won the lethal lockdown match when obviously fortune is the one needs to be pushed. Fuk hogan and bischoff. Sting is going down as one of the top five wrestlers ever in and out of the ring. A true fans idol and of course an ICON.

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