2 comments on “Game Over for Team WWE: It’s Time to Play the Game

  1. i thought that
    but i heard he cant get back cause of the injury…but he was going to try but now it is very unlikely so i wouldnt hold your breath

  2. I like your WWE knowledge. I don’t have much anymore. Would you consider writing (or even duplicating the same) posts for my Wrestling Collection website/blog. The link is http://wrestlingcollector.wordpress.com/ While your’re there look at my wrestling artwork. Nevermind that though for now…

    I review Impact, but really don’t have time for WWE stuff anymore. Even if you just wrote the same thing on both Blogs, it can only help to get them out there. Of course when you sent me the columns, I’d credit you at the top of each article. OH and we can link to each other as well. Anyhoo, check it out and ttyl


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