5 comments on “Raw’s Anonymous General Manager is…

  1. I think i know who the gm is. But i will not say…but this gm is someone with A Chip on the shoulder

  2. No Doubt Maxine’s a natural on the mic compared to the rest and definately commands audience’s attention.
    She’d be my pic for General Manager. (Her FCW as GM are really good, look them up)

  3. Okay…”I’m totally confused?”

    My mind is wrapped around 3 people: HUNTER aka “THE GAME,” Stephanie McMahon, and Maxine. Triple-H because of his return and kicking Mr. McMahon’s butt at the event a few days ago… Stephanie McMahon… well I actually have two statements about her: 1) Is that she’s married to Triple-H, she could’ve given him the general manager spot; and 2) We saw her sleeping with Triple-H. Maxine? Well I don’t really have anything on her, but she’s got everything a girl has….

  4. I dont think its Micheal Cole. he is always saying ” And i quote”. I personally think its Jerry ”
    the king “Lawler. he never says and i quote and when they do micheal does speak about the GM Jerry never says anything

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