One comment on “Hulk Hogan Criticizes The Rock’s Return: Really?! Really?! … REALLY?!

  1. Amen! This is a great article. I don’t see why people are making such a big deal of this. The Rock is a wrestler, he made his start there and has NEVER denied that. He has always been appreciative of his wrestling fans and the WWE. People act like he just straight abandoned his fans and that John Cena is still there for them when the Rock isn’t but really it’s just WRESTLING. First off, it’s ENTERTAINMENT. Made up stories for viewing pleasure. It’s not his whole life. As a person he has had other goals. Like, he has to spend his whole life wrestling? Come on. Some people want to achieve more, and if anything other wrestlers and fans should be happy that a wrestler was able to crossover with such success. He’s a model others should aspire to. Most all of them WISH they could be doing what The Rock does. Second, this whole Rock-Cena feud is selling wrestlemania tickets and giving WWE a much needed boost! It’s not taking away from other wrestlers or tearing Cena down cause The Rock came back for a short stint. Why are they acting like this is life or death? I’m sure it’s not so serious between Dwayne and John in real life and if it is Cena needs to get over it because the Rock does love his fans and this business. Just because he left he doesn’t care about the WWE anymore? Really? Why would you even say something silly and immature like that (if he really did say it)? I hope in real life they get along because I like both Cena and Dwayne, both good guys. And I like Hulk Hogan, so I am disappointed in his response to The Rock’s return.

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