One comment on “TNA Victory Road 2011: Sting vs Jeff Hardy & Hardy’s Condition

  1. This company was thriving at one point not long ago. The TNA orignals (spoving WWE) were doing things that was not seen on T.V. They brought a unique style and format to wrestleing. A six sided ring that had the potential to create so many intresting hi-lights (although in my opinion was not full utilized like it could have been). TNA Gave a fresh new Tag Team Wrestling Program.They give Tag Team Divison the respect it deservies and I feel they still do the same today. Then washed up Hogan and Bischoff come waltsing on in like they own the place because they were big name back in the good ol’ hayday of professional wrestling. Hogan being the hero to literially millions of kids back in the 80’s-early 90’s. I fortunately can say i was not a little “Hulkamainaic” I did like Hogan he was awesome in those day even when he went bad (which appealled to me). Bischoff created some good shows in his early years, but then he became (at least i feel) too obsesed with competing with WWE. The super giant WWE prevailed because although WCW had some great wrestlers and names; those guys were not as flashy and RAW as the new talent WWE had to offer. So Hogan and Bischoff drove down WCW in NWO flames. It was good while it lasted they both went on for a stint in WWE which was well okay to say the least because with these guys old habits die hard. Now on to TNA they have some buzz. People although Hogan and Bischoff are to blame for the down turn this company has taken it truly is Jarrett and Dixxie and who ever else is in charge. They gave them the power to bring outside old school guys who WWE didnt want or they prevered the more laid back Florida based company. Not that it was bad to bring some fimilary faces which I am fans of, but they allowwed them to dominate their program. The TNA originals built the company up putting on $10 PPVs many years ago. Sting being the first memorble face to join TNA did not want to conform these guys he wanted to help them thrive like he did in his prime. But at last we dont know the fate of Totally Non-stop Action Wrestling, However it may be bleak if they continue down this road.

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