2 comments on “Jeff Hardy: Release or Face Turn?

  1. i think neither should happen. first off jeff hardy’s heel turn was perhaps the most shocking moment of 2010. it also awaken the dark side of hardy that has been sleeping for years (goes well with the story i believe) what i think could happen is perhaps have an improtu world title match at lockdown between sting and hardy, have hardy tease a face turn, even have them shake hands before the opening bell, have jeff beat sting clean, after have immortal come to the ring to go after hardy and sting, hardy leaves the ring to get a chair, then hardy and sting gets ready to fight off immortal then out of nowhere hardy nails sting with the chair, assaults sting, stings bleeds then have hardy lock in the scorpion on him. hardy is world champion and at the same time regains his position in immortal. end of story

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