2 comments on “TNA: Who rang the bell?

  1. I wish I knew what you were talking about…but I can’t sit through an entire episode of Impact…so I have no idea what you’re talking about…so what’s going on? Lol

  2. Sting is the TNA Champion after defeating Jeff Hardy on a past episode of Impact. At Victory Road PPV, Mr. Anderson (never got a rematch) and Rob Van Dam (stripped of the title after being brutally attacked) were in a No.1 contenders match. Result? Double count-out. Jeff Hardy who got his rematch at the PPV, was not in any condition to wrestle as evidence of him tripping down the ramp and steel steps. The match went on anyway, but only for 90-seconds. Sting retained the belt with one Scorpion Death Drop. It was bullshit, and Sting agreed with the crowd.

    Next Impact, Fatal 4-Way contenders match: Mr. Anderson, RVD, AJ Styles, (Brother) Bully Ray. Earl Hebner counts 3, calls for the bell as both Anderson and RVD have covers on each other. So is it a draw? No one knows because Bully Ray punched Hebner in the face, and proceeded to take his frustrations on losing towards Styles. Who he later Bubba Bombs off the entrance stage onto a table down below (pretty sick bump).

    Then this brings us to this past Thursday, Who Rang the Bell? Mr. Anderson wants his freak’n rematch, Hulk Hogan tried cutting him a deal last Impact so as to get his rematch (only if he joins Immortal, most likely in Jeff’s position). Jury’s still out if he joined, but seeing as he’s still crying about a rematch, I guess not. So Hogan (now in charge of TNA) orders Anderson and RVD in yet another contenders match for the TNA Belt. However, Sting comes out with orders from The Network (TNA’s version of Raw’s Anonymous GM) that he has been asked to be the Special Enforcer for Anderson-RVD match.

    Match goes underway, Brian Hebner gets knocked out. Sting pulls him out and assumes the referee’s role. He calls it down the middle, with each getting near falls. After Robbie gets knocked out of the ring, Anderson thinks that Sting is against him so he clocks him. Sting clocks him back. They start fighting, and the bell sounds. Sting as the referee did NOT call for the bell, he was still fighting.

    So no one knows who rang the bell, the camera crew didn’t show the time keeper’s booth. I thought the whole thing was hilarious. Wouldn’t SoCal Val ring the bell? She is the time keeper. So I don’t know how they ended the episode with that. After the match, they had some behind the scene shots of them being interviewed. Anderson doesn’t know who rang the bell, Sting doesn’t know, and Robbie is so out of the loop, he doesn’t even remember having the match. He was under the impression that the match didn’t take place. Anderson and Sting continue to fight behind the scenes… and end of show.

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