3 comments on “Matt Cross not Tough Enough

  1. You’re aware these shows are edited right? We’re led to believe Matt freakin Cross had a match and didn’t do a single move??? HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAAAAAAAAAA

    You tell people to listen to his Art of Wrestling Podcast. I did….did you? Because anyone who has listened to it KNOWS this guy is Mr. Personality. Who dresses up like an Orc and goes to a movie for no reason?? He’s a born entertainer and once in a lifetime athlete.

    The show is ‘reality tv’. They needed their ‘shocking’ moment. If WWE has any brains Matt Cross will be back really really soon

  2. Matt is a great in ring technical talent, however he has zero charisma. Think of all these greats that you mentioned what they all have in common. It’s what Matt doesn’t have the showmanship of the business(this may remind some of us of another Matt his last name being Hardy). Pro wrestling is more than just the moves and fighting. Why else would ladies kids and some men (although they won’t admit it) watch? It’s because these characters are larger than life. True getting rid of a guy with the in ring technical skill and experiance of Matt Cross may seem dumb but the difference of the other Tough Enough contestants and him is that they are trying there best. Matt simply wasn’t giving it his all. As for Rima she is there for 3reasons I think. One remember Booker T said if she’s cheating she’s trying to win. Two as Miss America she knows what it takes to hd a good clean image and be away from home visiting places most of the year playing ambastor. And three Stone Cold I think wants to personally see how Tough Enough she is by watching her insure the slams and challenges. As for Ryan they could have eliminated him this week instead of Matt because like u said if he can’t be away or his girl can’t handle it then he needs to chose. I believe he would chose the latter of his lady before WWE plus he is a clown in not the right way. I’m excited to see the up the up coming episode as well as your blog.

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