One comment on “X Division in Trouble: Why so many X Division wrestlers parted ways with TNA?

  1. I think that maybe they are looking to trim some fat from the division while adding some fresh new faces. While good in the ring, The Bucks or Red, show much character or charisma and I think that TNA or looking for more guys like Aries and Xion who can perform well both in the ring and on the mic. Honestly with the amount of time that those three were getting on tv, I see it as no real loss to either parties. Since most TNA wrestlers are paid on a per appearance basis, these guys arent making much money and this will free them up to go out and get paid on the indies. At the same time this makes room for TNA to possibly sign guys like Jack Evans Low Ki, and didn’t El Generico have a try out match a while back? Those are the type of guys that the X division should employ guys who could put on great matches AND get the fans to invest in them.

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