2 comments on “Kevin Nash return good for business?

  1. I know they’re trying to manufacture reasons for Cena to feud with Del Rio, but Cena’s rant really was odd. ADR did nothing unusual; while it wasn’t commendable, it was certainly in-line with precedent. The most confusing part, though, as you said, was that ADR had just beaten Rey cleanly. I remember turning to my friends at that part, shaking my head, and saying, “wait … what?”

    This is really a stretch as a basis for a feud. It just feels like an incredibly contrived way of getting the belt back on Cena as quickly as possible.

  2. 1st off who keeps giving Nash work like really go flounder off tv like the rest of your cohorts. It’s sad that I loved this guy back in the day. Then again I didn’t know he was a prick in real life. Shave your beard u look like a fool, and use Just for Men because ur dye job sucks old timer. I personally didn’t mind the silver mane because it showed wisdom. Now he looks like a loser trying to reclaim his youth.

    2nd Cena has no idea about MitB and what it’s about, I agree, which is why he can’t grasp the concept. Then again he needs to look in the mirror since he has just taken belts because he’s Cena. I.e. Lil Rey Rey just the other day. Cena you have been a MitB winner since the champ is here spawned

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