3 comments on “The End of Triple H: The Many Enemies of Triple H

  1. What we got out of RAW relative to the Punk/Nash/HHH storyline was a lot of nothing.

    Nash texting himself means nothing because we know he’s still working with someone on the inside. Nash being “fired” means nothing because we know he wasn’t going to wrestle anyway. Those swerves were really just diversions.

    The new stipulations are more interesting. The “No DQ” stipulation almost certainly means interference from outside, probably by Nash. The stipulation requiring HHH to resign if he loses might, or might not, mean that there is a power play being made from the inside, possibly by Vince, Stephanie, or Laryngitis. Or maybe Hornswaggle, who knows where they’d go with that.

    It all leaves me thinking that NoC might not really answer anything at all.

  2. I feel whenever Punk sits down to do his promos that it reminds me of how it’ll be 20 minutes of talking. Kind of like how Jeff Hardy wrestling reminds me of how fake wrestling can be 😦

  3. Having Punk’s heat derailed by 2 guys who weren’t active in the company for 6 months makes me think its Miz vs Cena w/ Rock all over again. Its sad. People are talking about Nash and HHH and not Punk. WWE knows what they’re doing…

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