2 comments on “The Pro-Vote of Confidence in Triple H

  1. Yes! Raw got off to a very interesting start. Triple H had a Four man Show going Great! Along with John Cena, Sheamus and CM Punk. Until Vince Interrupted to which was some what of a Great show with a lot of Heart! You Four Gentlemen have My total respect for trying to run a good show. Vince your just a plain @$$! But anyways you other 55 so called superstars that walked out on Raw over a week ago(should of been FIRED and stripped of any of your titles right on the spot and for refusing to come back to work you: WALKOFFTHEJOBBERS) need to grow up and face the facts or just get the HELL! out of the sport PERIOD. This is professional wrestling Not some GOO GOO GAGA pre-school. JR Gets fired anways, Miz and R-Truth Gets reinstated and some Rule breaking $H!T stirrer by the name of Laryngitis gets put in charge of the show as a Temp GM. Ratings will fall and people will still continue to get brutalized and all beat up and the only difference somebody supported by rulebreakers and rulebenders will be running RAW instead of Triple H. You majority got what you voted for now! suffer and live with it. Keith Bryant

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