2 comments on “Brock vs Rock WrestleMania 29?

  1. To be completely honest, I wanna see this card\

    Brock vs Taker

    Cena vs Punk for the WWE title

    Austin vs The Rock

    I want to see Brock and Taker sooo bad because I absolutely hate Lesnar personally and I want Taker to whoop his ass. Cena and Taker would be nice just to see Cena lose again and be booed out of the building, lol, but I’d rather see Taker/Brock. Personally, I do not want to see Cena/Rock again so that just leaves Cena/Punk and Rock/Austin. I sure as hell wouldn’t mind seeing Rock/Austin again or Cena/Punk. If it was a heel Cena vs Rock I would like it and then have Punk/Austin, I just don’t want to see boyscout Cena vs Rock again.

    • I’m not the biggest supporter of Lesnar by far, mostly due to his professionalism (if you could call it that) at WrestleMania 20. I’m hoping that End of an Era truly meant that The Undertaker finally rested with his Streak intact at 20-0. I agree, heel-Cena vs Rock would be an interesting match-up. But the match that I really want to see is Punk-Austin, just because they complement each other so well.

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