4 comments on “Advice for Dolph Ziggler: Drop Vickie Guerrero

  1. hey Mr. show off my reason for you to drop vickie guerrero is because she has over 30 crimes in all states from her past & she also has couple arrest reports so you have two choise’es to make 1. you can stay with her or 2. you can drop her and she will spend 28 yrs in prison your choise. signed Timothy John Landers

  2. oh by the way Ric Flair is coming back but he is only gonna manage dolph ziggler with out you so deal with it.signed tim landers

  3. you two are not the same and have nonthing in comon not at all between each other in wwe entertainment. signed tim landers

  4. dolph ziggler tell your teacher pet vickie guerrero that she should quit wwe entertainment and you dolph ziggler plastic barbie oil boy and you are not worthy to hold the money in the bank breifcase but zack ryder is worthy to hold the money in the bank. signed tim landers

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