One comment on “WWE Reality Programing: The Real Husbands of WWE?

  1. First off you got a few things wrong about wrestling. Yes it takes more than winning Tough Enough to make it in WWE but who’s to say they won’t be on NXT in a year? Sure Sara Lee is not experienced nor Josh but neither was Kurt Angle. He didn’t know anything about WWE when he debuted. Yet he rose to the top. WWE is a tough business. It takes more than training, it takes sacrifice. You have to give up the life you had for the life you choose to live. Leave behind family, friends, all that because they want your mind focused only on the company. So you have a few things right. As for the show of real husbands of WWE, it wouldn’t last a full season mainly because it wouldn’t cast people fans really want to see. Don’t get me wrong, Tyson Kidd is funny and so are the Usos, but as for doing a reality show they’re better off sticking to Total Divas and wrestling.

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