4 comments on “AJ Lee’s Pipe Bomb

  1. My question really is, to what extent do you think this promo was a work and to what extent was it a shoot? Because I think it’s really just her character airing fictional grievances, while simultaneously putting across the opinions that a lot of fans hold towards the divas division. CM Punk was speaking from himself personally, with a smidge of character. I don’t see this in the same vein at all. I bet AJ was shaking hands with them all backstage afterwards, but of course I don’t actually know. Was this an impromptu shoot, a work shoot, or just a plain work?

    If it’s a work, it’s the same as Daniel Bryan calling Triple H a “sellout in a suit” – it’s a fictional line from a TV show that shouldn’t get a second mention.

    What do you think?

    • AJ’s promo was undoubtedly a work shoot but it came across as an impromptu shoot because she momentarily broke character. Because the AJ who aired out those grievances wasn’t the same AJ we see skipping around on a week by week basis.

      The Divas division has been referred to as the “bathroom break” because wrestling fans are tired of watching a division filled with interchangeable models who lack wrestling abilities. AJ brought our opinions into the realm of the WWE sphere, and hopefully–and this is wishful thinking–the Divas division starts to reform back to the glory days of the women’s division.

      Then again, the fact that the E! camera crew filmed the Divas action might have something to do with that promo. If that’s the case, then the promo was nothing more than a TV reality series spot. Hopefully this isn’t the case.

      As for Daniel Bryan calling Triple H a “sellout in a suit”, I’ve never acknowledged Hunter as a rebel. He’s always craved power–stemming from the Kliq days, to marrying the boss’s daughter, to becoming the C.O.O. of the company. To me the line reads as fiction, but for the purpose of storyline, Triple H is a corporate bastard who has forgotten his wrestling roots.

      • Yeah I totally agree. His progression into his current role was and is a natural one for his character, stemming from all of those phases you mentioned.

        I too hope that they make an effort to rejuvenate the division. I had hope when they did the whole AJ and Kaitlyn storyline because that put a lot of emphasis on the girls, and we saw some great wrestling, but things have definitely dropped off.

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